Sarantis Karavousis

1938 - 2011



 Founded in 2009

Founder: Dr Dimitris Michalopoulos

Web Director: Dr Dimitris Michalopoulos

                E-Mail: Dimitris Michalopoulos


We have experience, we have beacons, we have landmarks enough. We know what the past has cost us, we know how much and how far we have wandered, but we are not left without a guide... We have... unchangeable and eternal principles... to guide us...

John Bright (October 29, 1858)


It is fitting that in this Dark Age there should emerge from out of the cultural and intellectual  catacombs an effort of genuine scholarship, the impetus for which comes from Greece, the land where our scholarly inheritance originated, along with the very word 'Academy'.


Cognisant of the death-grip in which the intellectual and cultural life of Western institutions is held between a nexus of money-making and political dogmas, all acting against those Traditional values upon which Civilisation rests, a group of scholars from across the world has determined to provide an alternative 'outside the formal institutions'.

Our aim? The very notion of Aletheia, the ancient Greek word meaning “Truth”. It was for Aletheia that Socrates died and for which his disciples and epigones struggled throughout their lives. Our guide? History. For we know that since ancient times men have no more ready corrective of conduct than knowledge of the past as well as that  the soundest education  is...  the study of History.

For the aims and structure of the ASPR refer to the Constitution.

We welcome those of you to our Academy who might find inspiration in and assist us with our purposes.


 Title image: painting by Karavousis, reproduced with permission



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